A mysterious boarding school perfectly reforms wayward girls to fit their surroundings' exact desires.

Nonton film Paradise Hills yang disutradarai oleh Alice Waddington, Brian DeLeeuw, Nacho Vigalondo, Alice Waddington, yang terbaru Layarkaca21.io Download film kualitas tinggi di Layarkaca21.io, Nonton film yang terbaik hanya tersedia di situs web Film Semi

Paradise Hills is a kind of film that is very different from the other films. It's packed with mysteries, doubts, friendships, fake relationships and lesbian love. The plot is simple but it's so interesting and very exciting to watch. I must admit that the film started with boring things, but it gets heat up at the nearly end. So, it's a kind of cool film. There's only one thing that I don't like. It's that they only let one to survive. I kind of like Amarna. If she could survive too, it'd be better. And about the final scene, I don't really get it. Uma wants to find Amarna. But isn't she already dead? I mean if only they made sure that she was dead, they would have released the substitute into her surroundings. We all saw on TV that she's back to where she was before, so, the real Amarna is already dead. If so, how could Uma find her? That's really confused me. And also that girl died in the vines who Uma was staring at. I don't really recognise who she was. So, yeah, I don't get why Uma was staring at her. The reason why I watched this film is because Milla. I really like her and her performance is great in this film. The other actors' and actresses' performances are also good too. Because of their great performances, this film becomes a very good film to enjoy. I hate to write long reviews, so, I'm going to conclude now. So, as for conclusion, the plot is kind of simple, but it can give so much excitement and hence, I really liked to watch this film. Although it really went quietly, I mean there's no action or something like that, but the plot is really different from the others and thus, it's totally a great film and I could finish it even when I'm half sleepy. It was worth to spend time with and I've fully enjoyed.

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