The day after they get the word they'll go home in two weeks, a group of soldiers from Spokane are ambushed in an Iraqi city. Back stateside we follow four of them - a surgeon who saw too much, a teacher who's a single mom and who lost a hand in the ambush, an infantry man whose best friend died that day, and a soldier who keeps reliving the moment he killed a civilian woman. Each of the four has come home changed, each feels dislocation. Group therapy, V.A. services, halting gestures from family and colleagues, and regular flashbacks keep the war front and center in their minds. They're angry, touchy, and explosive: can a warrior find peace back home?

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No movie yet made better reflects American wars of the early 2000s. It is realistic and touching; there are no easy answers but only long journeys to recovery. Back when this movie came out, many people were under a number of delusions - about the nature of the American Economy and of the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is reflected in the IMDb reviews, where many people's political biases (from 2006, when the movie was released) made them unable to see what this film was about. It's six years later - Iraq and Afghanistan are, well, are certainly not in the win column and all but the most obstinate of holdouts now realize the tragic foolishness of the US's reckless escapades. This movie is not easy to watch; it is not fun. But it is honest and well acted, and approaches the subject matter intelligently and compassionately. This is an absolute "under the radar" movie, and I hope this goes down in history along with "the Deer Hunter" as movies ahead of their time. This is far far far better than any Iraq/Afghanistan movie that has yet been made, and I've seen them all. 10/10 unhesitatingly.

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