James Bond 007 is Britain's top agent, and is on an exciting mission, to solve the mysterious murder of a fellow agent. The task sends him to Jamaica, where he joins forces with Quarrel and a loyal C.I.A. Agent, Felix Leiter. While dodging tarantulas, "fire breathing dragons", and a trio of assassins, known as "the three blind mice". Bond meets up with the beautiful Honey Ryder and goes face to face with the evil Dr. No.

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When the camera first raises its lens on Sean Connery, he simply says, "Bond, James Bond." Then there's that oh so familiar music; Later on, the martini, shaken not stirred. (Bruises the gin, we were taught in "Auntie Mame"). But then, there's the beautiful woman he agrees to meet for dinner later who somehow drops completely out of sight. Was she a victim of the Calypso "Three Blind Mice" we saw over the final seconds of the opening credits? After traipsing down a beautiful beach road, they suddenly opened fire on a secret agent and his brand new secretary in Jamaica, apparently for no reason, even after the secret agent put money in one of the man's cup. That brings Bond to Jamaica where he gets to meet the notorious title character, living flamboyantly on a forbidden tropical paradise island, the first of many mad men to want to take over the world, a premise deliciously copied by "General Hospital" in its over the top ratings heyday when Luke Spencer found himself on an equal beautiful tropical island trying to bring down a mad man with the same goal. For those of you who look for "unacceptable" behavior by movie heroes of the past in today's p.c. society, you'll have a field day. He flirts with Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) but is non-committal, has a brief tryst ended with her being arrested for his attempted murder, and has a beautiful female photographer assaulted for taking his photo without her permission. So yes, he's a bit of a sexist pig, but he's a gorgeous one, and audiences were easy to look the other way. After all, it's Sean Connery at his best looking, so fit and trim, and that's what you get for the original Bond....James Bond. This is also one of the few times when you get to see Bond actually kill somebody in cold blood. Usually, their deaths are accidental or come thanks to one of the devices he gets from boss "M", a plot device which is not used in this film. But of course, there's the humor in these deaths, such as the fiery end for somebody following him which results in Connery telling a witness that the driver was obviously on their way to a funeral. That gorgeous but dangerous island paradise is certainly striking to look at, and rumors of a dragon prove to be semi-true. If you are afraid of spiders, be warned; There's a very close call for Connery with a rather large tarantula that gets a little too close to that gorgeous face for comfort. We know now that Bond would be back so there's no worry of him being bitten, but still, seeing that thing crawling so close to his face does give me the heebie-geebie's. On the island, Connery encounters the first real "Bond" girl, Ursula Andress, oh so gorgeous, oh so curvy, oh so smart. There's a horrific end for the kindly boat captain who takes Bond out to the island of Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman). I wanted to see more of Jack Lord as an American agent who briefly aids Connery, sort of ironic considering his later heroic role on the exotic TV series "Hawaii Five-O". Yes, this has all the clichés that would pop up in pretty much every Bond film made afterwards, but each one had their own style that made them so much fun, especially if you were lucky enough to see them on the big screen with a huge bag of popcorn. Bond villains, we can pray, do not exist, but it's always fun to see the build-up of their evil schemes and how Bond manages to take them down. Unlike later Bond films, this one just ended and did not give signals of a follow-up. No mention of another Bond movie appears in the final credits, although there is a final clinch with Connery and Andress that would be utilized in many of the future films, even with the others who followed Connery.

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