This anarchic thriller presents a crazy, off-kilter London of action, comedy and true love. Eddie, Paul and Katharine are cool, carefree characters in a world of absolute freedoms: freedom to steal, freedom to fire a gun, freedom to kill, and freedom to fall in love. And freedom never to be hurt--at least not seriously. Only the bad guys die. Sam Rockwell and Ben Schwartz play two London-bound buddies whose outrageous antics never have serious consequences. They always wriggle out of danger, with a wisecrack, a weapon and a smile. Eddie and Paul are two innocents abroad, except they're not innocent at all. They're low-level wise guys who never really have a grip on anything. The controlling intelligence in the story is Phoebe Fox's insecure lawyer, Katherine. She's always one step ahead of the game - but is she ready to fall in love?

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This is a heist movie. Nuff said. The same old tired story of "a crew" who need to steal the big stone from another crew, with twists and turns that, not unlike a long road with no turnings, are pretty predictable from the get go. However, the actors shine in it, even the supporting cast is great, so in the end is just entertaining. Dumb, but fun. Even so, while I love Sam Rockwell and he was great in this, too, some of the unknown actors shone brightest. Ben Schwartz and Peter Ferdinando were great. Now, the script was not bad, it's just that this particular genre feels really tired and stupid to me. As a heist film it was probably OK. I just wanted something that made a little more sense, story wise.

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