An intimate portrait of the world's most outstanding rhythmic gymnast Margarita Mamun, the main representative of the prestigious Russian National Team. The film presents a groundbreaking year in her life, from the 2015 World Championships to the 2016 Olympic Games. The gymnast has the chance of a lifetime to become an Olympic champion, competing with the best friend from her club, Yana Kudryavtseva. Owing to coach Irina Viner, rhythmic gymnastics in Russia is much more than just a sport discipline. It is a hermetic world and a source of great fame for gymnasts. The story about Margarita Mamun acts as a parable of the training system created by Irina Viner. What does it mean to live constantly under the pressure of expectations? Over the Limit is a film about a struggle for dreams and the solitude of a distinguished individual.

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My emotions were so all over the place watching this it is hard to know where to start. For sure the exceptional athleticism portrayed by this woman is beyond compare. However, the expectation to be the absolute best trumps everything else. The coaches bring psychological abuse to an all new level that is difficult to watch. I have never heard educators or coaches speak the way these coaches speak to this athlete, horrible! Truly ruins the joy of sportsmanship and competition. Is she viewed as just a commodity? Is there no line that is to far to cross in pursuit of a certain goal? I wonder if her memories of the sport will be fondness or hatred. I definitely will view the Olympics differently next time I watch other countries like Russia compete.

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